Tomahawk Power 6.5Gal 1.8HP Backpack Sprayer

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The Tomahawk TCS6.5 concrete sprayer is the perfect tool for applying water-based concrete retardants, forming oils and more. Achieve even spraying patterns with a flat jet nozzle and brass attachment. Each backpack sprayer includes one brass attachment with a flat jet nozzle and one hose design for concrete finishing products.

  • Perfect for applying water, wax and resin-based concrete curing, retardant, form release and sealant products
  • Never pump, never lose pressure. Maintain constant adjustable pressure from 50-435 PSI for even spraying.
  • Can handle up to 30% solids content
  • Spray faster - 10X faster than manual sprayers
  • Superior comfort - With even weight distribution, enhanced padding and straps reduce operator fatigue
  • Reach further and spray up to 6ft
  • Attachment compatible - Works with most manufacturer brass wand attachments for the ideal spraying pattern