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The Benefits of Using Float Pans

Mar 4th 2024

Using pans to float concrete offers several benefits — primarily, higher F numbers and increased productivity.The purpose of power floating, per ACI 302, is to:Embed the large aggregate just beneath t … read more
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LOCS Receives 2023 Construction Supplier Award

Posted by Norcross, GA on Nov 13th 2023

Live Oak Construction Supply was recognized as the recipient of the 2023 Construction Supplier Award from The Georgia Hispanic Construction Association (GHCA).According to the GHCA, “the honor goes to … read more
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High-Cycle vs Flex Shaft

Nov 3rd 2022

When it comes to concrete vibrators there are two general types: external and internal. The latter are submersed in wet concrete while the former are clamped to formwork. In this post, we’ll discus … read more
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The Differences Between Stains and Dyes

Aug 12th 2022

While integral colors and color hardeners are used to change the color of concrete as it’s being placed, stains and acetone dyes are used to change the appearance of concrete after it’s p … read more