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WR Meadows DUOGARD II Water-Based Form Release Agent

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DUOGARD II form release agent is composed of organic chemicals emulsified in water that react with the alkali content of concrete to form a release film that effectively prevents the bonding of the concrete to the form. In addition, the product also contains a high molecular weight, non-reactive, chemically inert ingredient to assist in clean, quick form release and removal. This exclusive combination of physical and chemical reactive components provides a doubly effective separation.

  • Can be safely used inside or outside
  • Produces a better and cleaner cast when applied on pre-stressed and precast concrete forms
  • Cuts stripping time to an absolute minimum
  • Reduces form cleaning and repairing
  • Increases wood form life, prevents rust, rustproofs metal forms
  • Effectively minimizes concrete buildup on pavers, R/M trucks, mixers, spreader-finishers, buggies, chutes, and other equipment
  • Breaks concrete bond between surface and form cleanly and effectively, leaves smooth surface
  • Will not stain or discolor concrete and can be painted over
  • Ready to use, requires no additional mixing
  • Minimizes surface voids
  • VOC compliant
  • Item: Water-Based Form Release Agent
  • Color: Opaque white
  • Boiling point: 212 deg F
  • Freezing point: 32 deg F
  • VOC: 38 gallons per liter
  • Applicable standard: EPA, LADCO, OTC, SCAQMD