BoMetals QuicKey Way Form (QK35)

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  • QuicKey™ [Patent No. 6502359] is the only galvanized joint system that features knockouts for square dowels, which provide better load transfer over round dowels and also reduce edge curl on the slab.
  • Knockout sizes meet both ACI and PCA recommendations for the design of tongue and groove key joint.
  • LOCKING-TAB™ stakes provide a positive interlock between stake and key joint that eliminates floating or rising from the stake, minimizing high spots. The stake profile features a non-twist design which allows the stake to be driven at a straight angle.
  • Saves on installation time, stake quickly interlocks at any point with key joint, reducing time to place stakes precisely.
  • Stiffening ribs are designed for increased rigidity while installing.
  • QuicKey™ removable cap yields straight void ready for sealing.
  • Non-removable cap seals the joint because it stays in place.


  • Overall Size: 3-1/8in x 10ft length or 5-1/2in x 10ft
  • Material: Hot Dipped Steel
  • Finish: Galvanized
  • Material thickness: 24 gauge
  • Slab thickness: 4in or 6in
  • Used for concrete slab forming