Nomaflex Expansion Material(REJ-050-3500-10)

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Nomaflex® is a performance engineered foam that sets a new standard for concrete expansion joint fillers. It is a semi-rigid, closed-cell polypropylene foam that simply performs better and installs faster. Plus, the innovative Nomaflex Cutter tool enables concrete installers to easily trim Nomaflex on the job site or pre-score a removable 1/2 void for use with sealants. This saves labor and money by eliminating the need of an additional void cap system. It will not absorb water, swell and disintegrate and it extends the service life of concrete by reducing the amount of incompressible materials entering the joint.

Nomaflex does not impede sealant cure time and can be used without a bond breaker with no impact on the long term performance of the sealant. Nomaflex resists oils, gas, salts, acetone and other chemicals. It does not leach like other products and is not sticky.

Nomaflex fully complies with ASTM standard specification D 8139, and ASTM standard specification D 1751 for extrusion, compression recovery and water absorption as tested per ASTM test method D 545. Nomaflex is waterproof and can be stored outside. It will not break or flake due to weather elements. Nomaflex lasts longer and is 100% recyclable. Installers have the added benefit of a lower installed cost when using Nomaflex.


Bundle Quantity:
10 Pieces (100LF)