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WR Meadows 5Gal 1600-WHITE Wax-Based Concrete Curing Compound

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The 1600-WHITE series of water-based, white-pigmented concrete curing compounds are wax-based dispersions with selected white pigments. When properly applied, 1600-WHITE forms a premium-grade membrane, which optimizes water retention. The white pigment reflects the sunâ„¢s rays to help keep the concrete surface cooler and prevent excessive heat buildup, which can cause thermal cracking.

  • Furnished as a ready-to-use, true water-based compound
  • Produces hard, dense concrete, minimizes hair checking, thermal cracking, dusting, and other defects
  • Offers a compressive strength significantly greater than improperly or uncured concrete
  • Increases tensile strength for greater resistance to cracking and surface crazing
  • Improves resistance to the abrasion and corrosive actions of salts and chemicals, minimizes shrinkage
  • Applies quickly and easily with conventional commercial spray equipment
  • VOC-compliant