Barrier-Bac Vapor Barrier

$395.23 - $409.60



The VB-250 is a standard vapor barrier at 10 mil. It exceeds ASTM E1745 class A, B, and C specifications. Barrier-Bac developed this high performance, under-slab vapor barrier for the construction industry to block moisture migration through concrete slab. It also effectively controls radon, methane, sulphates and many other soil contaminants.

  • Thickness: 10 mil
  • Dimensions: 14 feet x 210 feet
  • Square foot per roll: 2,940
  • Color: Green


Barrier-Bac™s 15 mil vapor barrier is a strong, under-slab option for the construction industry that protects against moisture, mold, radon, and other soil contaminants. It is used in projects of high requirements in water vapor permeance, tensile strength and puncture resistance. This patented process creates a barrier that exceeds Class A, B, and C of ASTM E-1745 specifications.

  • Thickness: 15 mil
  • Dimensions: 14 feet x 140 feet
  • Square foot per roll: 1,960
  • Color: Green