Hohmann & Barnard

Hohmann & Barnard Dovetail Mortar Deflection

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Mortar Trap™ is a mortar collection device manufactured from high-quality polypropylene strands woven into a 90% open mesh. When used with properly installed flashing, its unique shape breaks up mortar droppings and prohibits mortar from preventing the free flow of water to weep holes.


  • High compressive strength promotes optimal product performance – will not deform or break apart
  • Will not absorb or trap moisture, support mold or fungus
  • Will not degrade as a result of temperature variations and is designed to last for the life of the building
  • Keeps weep holes open - catches and permanently suspends mortardroppings so blockage can’t occur
  • Fast, easy installation - does not require fasteners or adhesives, no special skills or tools
  • Slightly compressible to allow for cavity variations in the field
  • UV Exposure 30 days