Simpson Strong Tie

Simpson MASA Standard Mudsill Anchor



The MASA is a mudsill anchor that provides a time-saving alternative to anchor bolts. This mudsill anchor eliminates the need for 3″ square plate washers for seismic design and, in some cases, has allowable loads that meet or exceed the parallel- and perpendicular-to-plate shear loads of other cast-in-place anchors. The MASA is ideal for installation on standard forms and is code listed by ICC-ES under the 2012, 2015, 2018 and 2021 IBC® and IRC®.

  • Attaches easily to the concrete form for quick installation
  • Lays flat on the form board so there is no anchor bolt to finish around
  • None of the labor costs involved in drilling plates and aligning holes
  • Flat design eliminates chances of modification in prefabricated walls
  • Eliminates the need to notch studs because of intersection with anchor bolt placement
  • Reduces the chance of having to retrofit anchors because of missing or misplaced anchor bolts