Kleen Kote 100 Water-Based Release Agent

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Kleen Kote is a water-based release agent that enables smooth concrete surfaces and easy separation of forms/form liners from concrete. It also protects equipment, tools and vehicles from concrete, mud, asphalt, fertilizer and corrosion.

Known for its versatility on the job site, Kleen Kote 100 is used for keeping mud from sticking to your equipment, as a concrete form release and tilt-up bond breaker, an asphalt release, equipment protection and more. When mixed, Kleen Kote 100 deposits a very thin film, creating a virtually non-stick surface that is non-toxic, non-staining, non-dusting and low V.O.C. It also acts as a corrosion inhibitor.


  • Easy to use
  • Safe for use on all surfaces: rubber, metal, plastic, electrical/wiring, glass, wood & motors
  • Easy and clean stripping of formwork
  • Provides a smooth, non-dusting/non-stained concrete surface
  • Extends the life of equipment, vehicles and formwork
  • Reduces costs associated with cleaning and maintaining equipment, tools and formwork
  • Inhibits rust
  • Low V.O.C. 13-17 g/L
  • Certified biodegradable
  • Does not contain any phosphates, solvents or silicones
  • Meets ASTM/Army Corps. of Engineers Specs
  • Meets/exceeds the 2014 SCAQM Rule #1113 requirements