Simpson 14in Garage Strap-Tie Holdown(STHD14)

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The STHD is an embedded strap-tie holdown offering high loads and a staggered nail pattern to help minimize splitting. The STHD incorporates many features that aid correct installation and improve performance. When installed on the forms with the StrapMateÚ® strap holder, the unique design of the STHD delivers enhanced stability before and during the pour to help prevent both parallel and perpendicular movement (relative to the form).

  • The fastener pattern allows for fastening to the edges of back-to-back studs
  • The slots below the embedment line enable increased front-to-back concrete bond and help to reduce spalling
  • Rim joists models accommodate up to 17ââšÂ¬ clear span without any loss of strap fastening
  • 26 1/8" x 3"
  • Zinc galvanized