Keson ST_3X 100ft Steel Blade ft/in Measuring Tape

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This steel tape ST_3X series is great for those who need a longer tape but like the blade protection that a closed house offers. They slip easily into a pocket, purse, tool pouch or tool belt. The cases are protected by an impact reducing rubber grip that makes it easier to hang on to them.

  • Lacquer coated blade
  • 3X gearing for quick rewind
  • High-impact resistant case with full-rubber, non-slip grip
  • Ideal for real estate agents, general surveying, civil engineering, building construction, highway and road construction, home building, mining, etc.
  • 3/8-inch wide blade ¢â‚¬ bends easily but not affected by wind like wider tapes
  • Units: ft, in, 1/8
  • Hook end, double hook with G1 blade