Keson 30ft ft/in Ultra Bright Measuring Tape



The Ultra Bright class of short tape measure are easy to read in low light environments, and stay visually cleaner than black and white blades. Great for in-shadow measurements, for instance, those in cabinets and in corners. Also helpful in the meager light of dawn and of dusk. Keson increased the number size to make them easier to read in any condition. They also have added a vertical reading feet and inches scale on the reverse side for vertical measurements. They placed these high-contrast, large-numbered, blades in a solid-ABS housing that is further protected by rubber casing.

  • Ultra Bright blades are easier to read in low light
  • Vertical scale on the reverse makes it easy to measure vertical surfaces more easily
  • Highly visible covering makes it easy to find
  • Units: ft, in, 1/8, 1/16 (1/32 first 12”)
  • 1" width
  • Up to 8' stand out
  • B31 & B22 blade