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Solomon Brickform 10lb Powdered Integral Color Bag (PC-1001)

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Brickform powdered color is a quality-assured uniform blend of pure iron oxide pigment packaged in pre-measured bags that are added at the ready-mix batch plant or at the jobsite. Brickform Powdered Color for concrete disperses evenly throughout the mix and complies with ASTM C979 “Pigments for Integrally Colored Concrete”. Brickform’s System Approach provides the professional contractor the tools necessary for uniform batching, finishing, curing, and sealing to ensure the uniformity of architectural concrete.

  • Iron Oxide Powdered Color
  • Container type: Plastic bag
  • Area coverage: 2 Cubic yard
  • Container capacity: 10lb
  • Application: Decorative concrete
  • Physical state: Granular solid
  • Applicable standard: ASTM C979