Whiteman 8ft 31HP Power Steering Riding Trowel (HHXDF5)

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There’s a reason Multiquip trowels have been on the market and at the center of the concrete finishing world for over 80 years. Innovation, reputation, power, reliability, value and performance.  

The HHXDF5 is no exception.   

  • The HHXDF5 delivers all the features contractors need plus the convenient option of running on gas or propane (LPG). LPG is great for working in enclosed spaces as it burns cleaner with less potent exhaust fumes.
  • Powerful 31 HP Kubota engine delivers the high torque needed for panning while having the high rotor speed needed for finishing. 
  • Water-cooled engine provides greater power and longer life because it runs cooler. 
  • Power steering means less operator fatigue and offers improved responsiveness. 
  • The Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) provides superior performance by continually adjusting the drive ratio to obtain optimum torque and speed during all phases of finishing from low speed high torque to high speed burnishing, meaning it’s much more efficient transferring power from the engine to the rotor. 
  • Includes useful 12V outlet for charging your cell phone.
  • Clamshell design simplifies maintenance and accessing hard-to-reach areas.
  • Twin pitch control allows operator to pitch both sides while only adjusting one side or pitch both sides individually.
  • Spider assemblies feature long-lasting wear plates and spider hubs and can be economically rebuilt. Standard model comes with 5-blade configuration.  

92" path width 

170 RPM max

1520 lbs


Steering Type:
Power Steering