Kraft Tool Co.

Kraft 5lb Weight for Fresno/Big D Float



Weigh down your fresnos and floats to prevent the possibility of skipping as it glides across the concrete slab. This 5 pound iron weight has 1/2" groove down the center that fits over the bar that runs down the center of fresnos for a snug fit without movement. The channel creates a center fit that will evenly distribute the weight on the front and back side of the tool. Flip it over to fit within the center channel on a Big "D" Bull Float or Laminated Canvas-Resin Bull Float. Using a minimum of two weights for left/right balance is recommended for best results. Weights sold individually. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Weigh down to prevent floats and fresnos from skipping
  • Center channel fits snuggly around square bar on fresnos to resist movement
  • Flip upside down and it fits in the center channel of Kraft Tool's Big "D"
  • Use one on each end of the tool for proper balance
  • 5 lb. weight