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Kraft Multi-Twist™ Button Handle Adapter

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The Multi-Twist™ push button handle adapter works in conjunction with the Multi-Twist™ bracket to work at any angle for even coverage. The handle adapter twists to tighten and lock the bracket to any of 360° angles to get full versatility from your tools. The Multi-Twist™ Brackets large range of motion is great for hard to reach places and working around obstructions. Push button handle adapter fits 1-3/8" or 1-3/4" bull float handles. The handle adapter fits Multi-Twist™ Clevis Bracket (CC686), 6-Hole Bracket (CC687), and 2-Hole Bracket (CC688). User must use a Multi-Twist™ Handle Adapter to connect handles to Multi-Twist™ Brackets.

  • Connects to Multi-Twist™ bracket
  • Locks bracket into any of 360° to work from all angles
  • Twist to lock in place
  • Fits 1-3/8 in. and 1-3/4 in. bull float handles
  • Must use with Multi-Twist™ Brackets
  • Great for use on hard to reach spaces