Curb Roller

Badger Curb Maker CM4600 (w/o Drum)



Designed to seamlessly shape and finish curbs after another product screeds flatwork, this innovative machine supports user efficiency and reduces the need for extra equipment, transportation and labor. The Badger Curb Maker is battery-powered and lightweight, and delivers high-quality, uniform results for concrete pours.

  • Badger Curb Maker 4600
  • Capable of shaping curb head only, up to 6 inch height and 18 inch width
  • Easily switches between any Badger Curb Maker drum profiles
  • Variable speed lever and directional button which give the operator ultimate control of the machine
  • 3-position adjustable handle provides a more comfortable offset.

  • Battery powered (12AH w/charger)
  • One-push directional change
  • Right or left hand speed control
  • Adjustable guide ring ensures uniform curbs
  • All-steel protective housing
  • Interchangeable drums

Product Manual