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MONARCH-HCT™ Nitrile Gloves, A3

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These high-performance gloves are constructed of a versatile, multi-filament yarn that combines high-strength fiber, fiberglass and synthetic fibers to provide excellent abrasion, cut and contact-heat resistance. They feature a Hybrid Coating Technology (HCT)™, a proprietary coating technique in which a special compounding process creates deep pockets within a durable nitrile coating. Each of these pockets is then injected with a very soft nitrile compound. This process gives the HCT-coated gloves incredible softness and flexibility while remaining durable, abrasion resistant and impenetrable to oils. The MONARCH-HCT also features a gray, 13-gauge, high-performance shell, black HCT-nitrile palm coating and an A3 cut level. MONARCH™ gloves are easy to launder and unaffected by chlorine bleach and UV light.

  • Gray, 13-gauge, Engineered Fiber Shell
  • Black HCT™ Nitrile palm coating
  • Easy to launder
  • Unaffected by Chlorine Bleach & UV light