SOF-Rod - 5/8in x 150ft Backer Rod


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SOF Rod is a bi-cellular polyethylene foam backer rod product.  It is extremely flexible and can be used with cold-applied sealants. SOF Rod is non-gassing to prevent sealants from bubbling and failure.  It has an outer skin and resilient interior network of cells and helps cold-applied sealants assume the optimum hour glass shape to prolong the sealant service life.  It is commonly used in applications such as expansion and contraction joints, curtain wall construction partitions, parking decks, bridge construction, and log home chinking. SOF Rod is comprised of an inert material, and therefore, it is physically and chemically compatible with virtually all known cold-applied sealants including self-leveling types.  Made in USA.


1.8 - 2.5lb/ft³
Tensile Strength: